Our Firm / Overview

Our firm has been family owned and operated since 1948. The extent of the services we provided were limited to the development of commercial and Industrial facilities and homes for our clients in the Essex County area. Over the years, we continued expanding the business into development in most of New Jersey.

Our desire to have the ability and resources to meet all of our clients requirements to plan and execute our clients investments, PRE Real Estate Services is a Commercial Real Estate Agency in Newark/NJ and it was formed in 1986, this allows us to provide all aspects of the real estate industry for our clients and the ability to oversee all details of a clients property. Between our vast knowledge and experience in the development field and expertise in the Real Estate field, this enables us to obtain and maximize the highest return of our clients investments. Over the years we have aided our clients to create value from their property ventures through the processes of planning, development and management.

We look forward to our next endeavor on our clients behalf and creating an investment based on our clients expectations. The PRE Real Estate Services Management team would be honored to meet with you and discuss your property.
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Our History

J. Marzano and Son was founded by John Marzano Sr in 1946. He provided General construction services and construction management, overseeing simple bathroom renovations and construction of one family homes and eventually growing into large scale warehouse development company providing many construction services from loading dock and concrete repairs to developing a 300,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

J. Marzano and Son expanded into J. Marzano and Sons, after John Marzano Jr and his three sons John, Dave and Jason. Over the years clients of JMS would contact the firm to build them an addition so often they would eventually run out of land to build on.

Being a resource for their Clients Mr. Marzano Jr would work with local governments planning board and local professionals land use council, architects and engineers to aid the approval of their Clients projects.

Assisting our Clients acquire land for their business was a natural and obvious evolution into the real estate industry providing another resource for Clients since 1946. In 1986, Paris Real Estate was formed, led by John Marzano Jr and Frank Mansini.

This move allowed JMS to continue developing and adding to their client’s requirements while also fulfilling their needs of finding new space. Initially leaning on their deep-rooted relationships in industrial and warehouse development in Newark, NJ, which at that time and next to the third largest Port in the Country.
There client list grew eventually taking them throughout the entire State of New Jersey into all sectors of Commercial Real Estate and advisory Services.

Today, over 74 years from its humble beginnings, Paris Real Estate is now PRE Real Estate Services, and is a full service brokerage firm. It has continued to be led by the third generation of Marzano’s.

Now serving the entire State of New Jersey and representing every facet of the Real Estate Industry PRE has the knowledge, experience and expertise to find, create and deliver the highest value for every one of their Clients.

We would be honored to extend our services to you.


Our mission is to leverage our extensive knowledge, resources, and talented team, gained through experience and hard work, to consistently deliver outstanding results for real estate owners and the broader community.

With our industry expertise, exceptional talent pool, and cutting-edge technology, coupled with our exclusive representation of property owners, we have the ability to nurture the most comprehensive market knowledge and industry insight, empowering our clients to make well-informed real estate decisions.

Achieving our mission necessitates the utmost respect for both our clients and each other. At PRE, our organization upholds a high standard of professionalism, conduct, and wisdom that has developed over the years. Our commitment to excellence is rooted in our Duties of Confidentiality, Loyalty, and Fiduciary Responsibility.


  • We prioritize understanding our clients’ requirements and primary objectives.

  • Our approach is fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, characterized by discipline, consistency, and transparency.

  • We are dedicated to delivering on our commitments

  • We strive to develop the most comprehensive market knowledge, industry expertise, and advertising capabilities. This empowers us to consistently deliver superior performance and results for our clients while upholding our core values.


Collaboration & Trust: We foster a culture of building and maintaining relationships, honesty, and the sharing of knowledge and wisdom with both our clients and our team.

Mentorship: We aim to attract, develop, and support the most talented professionals, providing them with every opportunity for success.

Loyalty: We prioritize transparency with our clients and the representations of their ultimate goals.

Integrity & Respect: They represent our highest standard of conduct.

Community: We aspire to be a positive influence in the communities we serve and actively cultivate relationships within each community to meet our clients’ additional needs.

Confidence: We approach tasks with a mature sense of evaluation, preparation, and execution.

Resources: We provide full access to qualified buyers and tenants actively seeking property in the market.


Boutique-Level Conduct: The ability to prioritize our clients’ interests above all others. We consider it an honor and privilege to serve with proficiency.

Local Experts: Leveraging our resources, we can identify local issues and develop community solutions.

Collaboration: We communicate with the PRE Team and the public marketplace to present the best possible buyers and/or tenants to you.

Storied History: We leverage our 30+ years of relationships to understand every aspect of the markets in your area.

Cutting-Edge Tech: We utilize all available resources to market, catalog, and create value in the commercial sector.

We are exclusively focused on the commercial marketplace in the entire state of New Jersey and are privileged to extend our expertise to you.


NJ Markets Buyer/Tenant Placement

Recent Transaction Activity 

Securing Buyers and Tenants for our Clients

Property AddressSizeAsset ClassRepresentationValue
14-28 Mitchell Place, Newark14,000 sq ft Essex county industrial leasingBoth$750,000.00
131-135 Haynes Avenue, Newark 11,000 sq ft Port Newark LandBoth$2,520,000.00
720 South Front Street1 acrePort Newark LandBoth$840,000.00
27 Backus Street, Newark10,000 sq ft Essex County IndustrialBoth$1,020,000.00
243 Thomas Street, Newark1.5 acreEssex County landBoth$510,000.00
44 Cornelia Street, Newark3,500 sq ft on 1.24 acres Port Newark LandBoth$456,000.00
123 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kearny 20,000 sq ft Hudson County warehouseTenant$408,000.00
895 Towbin Ave, Lakewood8,000 sq ft Lakewood Industrial warehouseBoth$466,668.00
185 Industrial Avenue, Ridgefield Park 11, 000 sq ft Bergen County warehouseTenant$467,196.60
6 Pearl Court, Allendale4,500 sq ft Bergen County warehouseBoth$587,600.00
373 Fairmount Ave, Newark1,200 sq ft Essex county retail leasingBoth$66,318.00
191 Meadow rd, Edison.66 acresMiddlesex county Industrial landBoth$132,405.00
144 Irvine Turner Blvd, Newark155 unitsNewark residential developmentSeller$4,650,000.00
198-120 Jersey Ave, New Brunswick 750 unitsMiddlesex residential developmentBoth$22,000,000.00
184 Doremus Avenue, Newark12,000 sq ft on 1 acres Port Newark Industrial salesBuyer$3,300,000.00
201 Devon Court, Kearny4.91 acresHudson County Industrial land salesBuyer$3,000,000.00
780 North Riverview Drive, Totowa Bergen County Industrial salesBuyer$1,500,000.00
14-18 Mitchell Place, Newark14,000 sq ft Essex county Industrial salesBoth$1,600,000.00
193 New Brunswick Ave, Perth Amboy Middlesex county Investment salesBoth$610,000.00
625 Green lane, Union38,600 sq ft Union County warehouse salesSeller$5,100,000.00
64 Montain Boulevard, Wayne22,000 sq ft Essex County Office salesBuyer$1,800,000.00
1489 Mccarter Highway, Newark15,600 sq ftEssex County multi story salesSeller$1,350,000.00
74 Liberty Ave, Metuchen 24,000 sq ft 1.5 acresMiddlesex co. warehouseTenant/Buyer$1,375,000.00
140 Ludlow Avenue, Northvale193,000 sq ft Bergen Co warehouseBuyer$27,000,000.00
755 S. Orange Ave. Newark12,000 sqft Essex Co residential developmentSeller$1,250,000.00
387 Lehigh Avenue, Union 38,000 sq ft Union County warehouseBuyer$4,200,000.00
184 Industrial Way, Ridgefield 10,000 sq ft Bergen co warehouseTenant$540,000.00
146 Haynes Avenue, Newark 10 acresEssex Co industrial landOwner$15,000,000.00
2250 Urbanowitz Avenue, Linden 20,000 sq ft Union co warehouseOwner$1,200,000.00
1540 Lower Road, Linden 1 acreUnion Co industrial LandTenant$10,000.00 per month
1525 Washington Street, Piscataway 31,000 sq ft on 3.4 acres Middlesex co. warehouseDual$2,056,689.21