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Specializing in commercial, industrial and residential development

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Commercial Real Estate field. The three categories of Commercial, Industrial and Development cover a variety of uses and businesses. The businesses are driven by our international trades with other countries, manufacturing and transporting of products and our own National infrastructure all require Commercial Real Estate. All of which also have an investment market. The opportunity to get involved in these marketplaces, rather than one residential marketplace is what we can offer you.

What We Focus On

The easy answer is “The businesses and investments of a homeowner, and the  home they live in”

Whether you are a new agent who has just obtained their real estate license or an existing residential agent. Our program is designed specifically to adapt each agent’s specific skill, style and preference in the commercial real estate field, while you continue in the residential field or completely make the switch, it is completely up to each individual. We can offer you the training you would require to become successful in both fields.

Whichever area you think fits you best and where your projects and transactions may take you. We are honored to mentor you in learning this industry and proud to offer this opportunity to you.

Commercial Real Estate is a particular skill set that can only be mastered with time and guidance.

While there are several specific fields one could choose depending on their specific interests. If you are undecided because you’re unfamiliar with the industry. We can show you the industry then you may decide a field that may suit you, all while you’re progressing with your residential relationships and transactions.

Commercial Real Estate is considered to include everything not 1-4 family homes, and single family lots. Commercial is everything else, including Existing residential multi family ranging from 5 units plus, all structures, offices, land, warehousing, retail structures and pad sites, garages, contractor yards, supermarkets, fast foods, banks, mixed use office/retail/residential of which each individual property range between 100 sq ft-1,000,000 sq ft plus.

The Commercial field has so many opportunities for a licensed salesperson to become a part of this world and appreciate the opportunity to give you the formal introduction.

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Industrial properties are considered to include all land associated with the industry, zoned for outdoor storage of all types of products, goods and parking. The trucks and trailers you see on the highway, park on industrial properties. The salt used to keep the roads from freezing is imported and stored on Industrial property. Belgium Block used for driveway curbing is manufactured in India, imported and stored on Industrial property. New and used cars being either imported or exported overseas. These uses require Industrial properties to stage the preparation and transport. Cars manufactured out of the country are imported into Port Newark.

Most of these products and trucks used to transport our commodities we use on a daily basis are manufactured out of the country and imported to the Port of Newark.

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Development is considered Land only, which is categorized by new construction of either a Residential, Commercial, or Industrial zoned property for the construction of a specific type of structure, whether it be a 1,200 unit apartment building, 150,000 sq ft warehouse, or a 50,000 sq ft strip mall its all Commercial Real Estate., which also has an investor component to the asset making it a potential investment opportunity.

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Training will include several opportunities based on your schedule including Classroom workshops, private discussions, transaction training, and group meetings.

Classes are scheduled weekly and special speakers are invited to discuss specific fields of the industry including Residential and Commercial Real Estate attorneys, environmental consultants, architects, engineers, and various consultants.

Conferences, seminars and expos are scheduled as dates and venues are released, both are industry related for business and personal growth. Both are fun and beneficial to anyone and would like our Team to be a part of great things.

We will guide you through the entire process of a commercial transaction and focus training in a specific aspect of the industry including becoming an expert in your demographic, understanding the industry, process and the language, calling a prospect, building and maintaining the relationship, obtaining the listing/Representation agreement. representing either the Owner/Landlord and/or the Tenant/Buyer, obtaining clients, confidentiality guidelines and procedures, commission negotiations, Marketing the property, discussing particular properties with the Buyer/Tenant, preparing offers, negotiating offers, obtaining an executed PSA or Lease Agreement, maintaining the progress of your transaction, one on one discussions with a particular negotiation within a transaction, and much more.

We are fully invested in training and motivating our Team. The opportunities are endless with various fields in the Commercial industry any one person can get involved with and we would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Our expertise and knowledge in the Commercial industry is unsurpassed, and we continue to be motivated for our team and dedicated to our employee’s success.

We will give you every opportunity you need to succeed, benefiting both your career and personal life. Together we will create your plan into the Commercial Real Estate industry.

We would be happy to discuss this industry with you further and see if it would be a good fit for you and your future.

Best Regards,
Jason Marzano
Broker of Record

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