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Specializing in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Development

“This is what we do”

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the CRE Industry, between Commercial, Industrial and Development, whichever area you like to focus on and most importantly where your projects and deals may take you, we are proud to guide you in any direction you choose and support your career. It is a very fun and lucrative market, but like anything else requires training.

What we focus on

The easy answer is “The businesses and investments of a homeowner, rather than the home they live in”

The three categories of Commercial, Industrial and Development cover a variety of uses and businesses whose businesses are driven by our international trades with other countries, Local manufacturing of products and our own National infrastructure. These three markets allow any Agent various opportunities to get involved in several markets rather than one residential marketplace.

Commercial properties considered to include all structures of warehousing, retail and garage type Real Estate ranging from 5,000 sq ft-1,000,000 sq ft, we work with several types of Buyers, including owner occupants to purchase for their business operations and/or investors, who are looking for a Tenant to generate revenue from their acquisition.

They are several types of Tenants as well warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, mechanic facilities, import and exporting facilities and shopping Centers. Commercial is also considered to be an Existing Residential multi family ranging from 10-500 units stabilized (Rented).

Industrial properties are considered to include all land associated with the industry, zoned for outdoor storage of all types of products, goods and parking. The trucks you see driving on the highway, park at the properties we broker. The salt used to keep the roads from freezing is imported and stored on an Industrial property. Belgium Block used for driveway curbing is manufactured in India, imported and stored in Newark. Cars manufactured out of the country are imported into Port Newark. All of these products and trucks used to transport our commodities we use on a daily basis are manufactured out of the country and imported to the Port of Newark.

Development is considered Land only, which is categorized by Residential, Commercial, or Industrial zoned for development of some type of structure, whether it be a 200 unit apartment building, 150,000 sq ft warehouse, or a 50,000 sq ft strip mall. We work with companies such as KHov, Toll Brothers, JMF Properties, and Accurate Builders.

As you can see the opportunities are endless with various types of projects any one person can get involved with and we would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Our expertise and knowledge in the commercial industry is unsurpassed, and we continue to be motivated for our team and dedicated to our employee’s success.

We will give you the opportunities you need to succeed in this industry, benefiting both your career and personal life. Creating professional partnerships within our team is one of the key components that sets us apart from the rest.

Whether you are a new agent looking to enter this exciting market or an agent with a presence and a desire to increase your income. PRE offers an opportunity to enter fields that you never imagined before. We are looking to expand our teams and need self-driven, motivated employees who have a desire to be successful.

We would be happy to discuss this industry with you further and see if it would be a good fit for you and your future in the Real Estate Industry.

Best Regards,
Jason Marzano
Broker of Record

Agent Testimonials

Becoming a part of this team has not only helped improve my skill set as an agent, but also opened new doors for me in commercial real estate. - Daniel Stella

As soon as I joined PRE, I was introduced to several new projects, they have the contacts, resources and knowledge of exactly what it takes to put a deal together.- Sam Abrams , Agent

When deciding to re-enter the commercial brokerage industry. I was looking for a highly professional tight knit team that functioned as a group . The PRE team offered the support and deep knowledge of the local markets with a very well established client base which enables new agents to hit the ground running.- Joe Zonfrilli

our advantages


We know the market place and strategies, allowing us to negotiate the best terms for our clients.


Representing our Clients interests, knowing exactly what your looking for and the experience to help your business and investment portfolio grow.


Off market properties, our contacts allow us to work on projects not on the internet marketplace.