Our Vision

At PRE, we provide the finest Real Estate Advisory and Brokerage services in the industry, with a primary focus on delivering the most comprehensive and innovative strategies to enhance the value of our clients’ real estate holdings. We are dedicated to cultivating long-lasting relationships with our clients and consistently delivering substantial value for their investments.


To use our vast knowledge, resources and talent through experience and hard work, to consistently produce superior results for real estate owners and the community at large.

Our experience in the Industry, superior group of talent & cutting-edge technology, combined with our exclusive representation of Owners, we are able to develop the most comprehensive market knowledge and industry expertise to enable our Clients to make the most informed real estate decisions.

The fulfillment of our mission may only be achieved by having the highest level of respect for our clients and each other. Our organization at PRE sustains a high standard of professionalism, conduct and Wisdom that has been achieved through the years. Our motive of excellence is inspired by our Duty of Confidentiality, Duty of Loyalty, and our Duty of Fiduciary Responsibility.


• Our Clients’ requisites and objectives on a primary level of conduct.

• We function with an entrepreneurial spirit that is driven by discipline, consistency and transparency.

• We focus on fulfilling what we promise.

• We strive to develop the most comprehensive market knowledge, industry expertise and advertising capabilities. This enables us to consistently produce superior execution and results for our clients. We embrace our core values of Collaboration & Trust, Mentorship, Loyalty, Integrity & Respect, Community, Confidence and Resources.


Collaboration & Trust: A culture of developing and maintaining relationships, honesty and sharing of knowledge and Wisdom with our Clients and Team.

Mentorship: Attract, develop and support the most talented professionals and give them every opportunity to be successful.

Loyalty: Transparency with our Clients and representing their ultimate goals.

Integrity & Respect: Our foremost standard of conduct.

Community: To be a positive force in the communities we serve and strive to develop relationships within each community to serve our Clients additional needs.

Confidence: A mature sense of approach, evaluation, preparation and execution.

Resources: Full access to existing qualified Buyers and Tenants actively in the market for property.


Boutique level conduct: An ability to put our Clients interest above all others. We consider it an honor and privilege to serve with proficiency.

Local Experts: Utilizing our resources, we are able to identify local issues and create community solutions.

Collaboration: Communicating with the PRE Team and public marketplace to present to you the best possible Buyer and/or Tenant.

Storied History: We leverage our 30+ years of relationship to know every aspect of the markets in your area.

Cutting Edge Tech: We utilize every available resource to market, catalogue and create values of the Commercial.

We are fully focused on the Commercial Marketplace in the entire state of New Jersey and are honored to extend our expertise to you.

“Providing Commercial Real Estate Advisory and Brokerage services Serving our communities since, 1948”