Industrial Land

Industrial land properties help form a vital part of any investor’s real estate portfolio.
Land which remains undeveloped, but is zoned into industrial areas, presents an intriguing opportunity for developers and investors seeking meaningful returns. PRE partners with owners of industrial land property to lease or sell your land, leveraging our substantial market relationships in and around Essex County, NJ to your advantage.
Our expertise has consistently produced superior results, maximizing your investment potential when it comes to industrial land property.

What is an Industrial Land Property?

Industrial real estate is a strikingly broad category. Virtually any land or building which plays a part in industrial activities can be classified as such. This includes industrial factories themselves, while warehouses, storage facilities, and distribution centers are all industrial properties as well. In general, cities enact zoning ordinances to restrict the development of industrial land to specific areas. Industrial land, then, is any property that has been zoned industrially, but lacks a permanent structure—such as a factory or storage garage.

Because industrial lands have been so vital to economic growth since the Industrial Revolution, they are some of the most valuable and profitable properties which you can own. Location is key to success in any real estate investment, and New Jersey–across the river from one of the world’s largest metropolises –is inundated with valuable industrial land.

How Does Leasing Industrial Property Work?

There are multiple ways in which industrial properties can be leased. One of the simpler forms of this is a gross lease, through which tenants pay property owners a regular sum of rent. Other types of leases may shift the obligation to pay some costs, like property tax, from the owner to the tenant. Industrial property leases often last five to 10 years, which reduces the risk of vacancies on the land.

Most often, tenants have no property ownership rights. However, a separate class of lease, called a ground lease, allows for tenants to claim ownership of their building, but not the property on which it is built upon. Only the ground itself is being leased by the property owner, and through this the tenant has the right to develop the land throughout the lease term.

Why Let PRE Lease or Sell Your Industrial Land?

At PRE, we are pleased to collaborate with those looking to lease or sell their industrial land. Using our comprehensive market knowledge, industry experience, and advertising capabilities, we ensure the best possible results for our clients.

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PRE has extensive knowledge of the Essex County, NJ zoning regulations and industrial development, with decades of experience serving clients


The steady rise in
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land presents an
excellent opportunity
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PRE has extensive connections and access
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A good tenant rep will handle everything from needs assessments to
the final lease summary, while allowing you to remain hands off if you choose to be.

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Your Industrial Property?

PRE is backed by vast experience in the commercial real estate industry. We keep an eye on “big picture” trends while remaining local, Essex County experts. We invite clients to take advantage of our decades of experience, relationships, and service to capitalize on trends in the real estate industry. Our firm has a history of success when partnering with clients in industrial real estate endeavors, and we anticipate that this success will only grow. We look forward to partnering with you on your next endeavor.