Mixed Use Retail

Mixed-use real estate is simply abundant. Anyone who has ever stepped foot in a city hasn’t been able to avoid it, and many of those who have lived in cities have resided in these properties. Over the past few decades, mixed-use properties have only grown more popular, and such spaces provide excellent opportunities for the savvy investor to diversify their portfolio, diminish their risk, and turn a profit. PRE collaborates with New Jersey mixed-use real estate owners. We utilize our extensive local expertise and market relationships to partner you with the best possible buyer or tenant. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and the foremost standard of conduct, we strive to ensure client success in all entrepreneurial endeavors.

What is Mixed-Use Retail Property?

Mixed-use retail property is a center point of contemporary urban planning, and such properties form an essential part of any real estate investor’s portfolio. As the name suggests, mixed-use real estate is any building or property that combines residential and commercial spaces. While a familiar sight across the country, mixed-use properties are particularly apparent in New York and its surrounding areas—including Essex County, NJ. Most commonly, mixed-use properties consist of office or retail space on the ground floor, and residential space above. Though not a new concept, mixed-use properties have seen a substantial increase in popularity since the beginning of the 21st century.

How Does Investing in Mixed-Use Retail Work?

Mixed-use real estate is more popular among investors today than ever before for quite a few reasons. Even one mixed-use property or building represents a diversity of investment, as tenants will be both commercial and residential. Unlike an investment in a standalone retail space (or a single-unit residential property), the loss of a single tenant does not threaten a substantial reduction in revenue. This makes mixed-use properties considerably less risky.

As mixed-use properties form a keystone of the modern city, they tend to ensure their own sustainability. By combining the commercial and residential, mixed-use real estate provides consumers with easy access to retail space near their homes. The nature of these properties intrinsically allows for diversity and creativity on the part of investors, with a seemingly endless number of ways in which real estate space can be arranged.


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In recent years, mixed-use real estate has grown in popularity among urban planners and real estate investors. For the latter, it incurs a lower risk than single-use properties.

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Downtown and suburban commercial areas continue to grow, and the combination of retail and residential real estate has played a significant role in this.

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