Multi-Family Development

Multi-family properties are one of the most common forms of real estate and provide ample opportunity for savvy investors to turn a profit in New Jersey. In recent years, Essex County in particular has seen rapid development of multi-family properties. Investing in this form of real estate can allow investors to increase their cash flow and diminish risk, all while diversifying their real estate portfolio. Multi-family real estate is a big market, and one that continues to grow; PRE provides our New Jersey clients with the insight and innovation to derive meaningful value from it.

What is Multi-Family Real Estate?

As the name implies, multi-family real estate is simply any residential building with multiple housing units. Multi-family properties contrast with single-family housing, the other main form of residential real estate. Apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and condos are among the most common types of multi-family real estate; this category does not include individual or “traditional homes” with only one residential unit. Investing in multi-family real estate has some obvious advantages, as having multiple tenants means having multiple sources of income for investors. This leads to a lesser risk of losing income due to vacancies, as these missing rent payments may be offset by other tenants in the building. Investors may even live in the building itself. Regardless of this, any building housing more than one housing unit (and thus multiple tenants) falls under the umbrella of multi-family real estate.

How Does Multi-Family Development Work?

In 2020, there were around 390,000 multi-family housing units that began development across the United States. This number came despite the substantial economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. As the economy continues to recover, the development of multi-family real estate is expected to grow. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when investing in multi-family development properties. Unlike single-family homes, multi-family properties provide multiple sources of monthly income, and therefore a diminished risk of losing substantial income through vacancies. This steady cash flow provides a larger financial cushion to investors.

There are, of course, other benefits of multi-family development. For one, it allows investors to diversify their real estate portfolio. It also helps to lower costs for investors, as they typically pay a lower price tag per unit when compared to single-family homes and properties.

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