I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our firm, what we will provide to you as a Commercial Real Estate Broker and why we would be the right choice for you to represent your interests and your property.

We have 60 years combined experience in the construction and development fields, and 34 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry. The experience we have obtained in these industries has been beneficial and very useful with Marketing and negotiating transaction for our clients.

Our focus is on three areas in the Commercial Real Estate Industry including Commercial, Industrial and Development, which we Market, lease, sell, manage and develop and Broker a variety of transactions for many different Tenants, Buyers and Developers.

Their businesses and Investments are driven by our international trades with other countries, Local manufacturing of products, our own National infrastructure, Office space and Retail properties across the entire State of New Jersey.

The amount of resources and access we have to Tenants and Buyers in todays market is unbelievable. There are statistically more Tenants and Buyers looking for property, than properties available for them and their particular use.

We believe contacting a company who knows the industry and has access to those resources would benefit any client of ours, and help them to obtain the highest value and best use for their property.

The decisions made in deciding the right Buyer or Tenant are calculated based on the credibility of a prospective Tenant or Buyer, the offering price, and the terms your looking for to achieve your goals.

We would like to give you as our client the ability to decide which interested party is the right choice for you.

In 2017, PRE generated $25 million dollars in gross sales and leasing for our clients and their assets. As of June 2018, we have already matched that and hoping to increase to 35 Million by the end of the year.

We can provide several services for you. Each service is designed to go hand in hand with the other, which will ultimately bring us to a closing table or lease signing.


Knowing your Property

The more we know about any property the better we can represent you as our client. As your aware, each property has their own unique characteristics along with each owner has their own goals and intentions with their particular asset.

Our team is trained to make it a point to know every detail about a property, including the owners goals, which would allow them to present the property to a prospective Buyer or Tenant and allow us to guide them to determine the best approach to your property and the best way for them to proceed.

“Knowing your property and your goals is our priority”


Knowing the Marketplace

Each Demographic has its own Value, determined by accessibility and distance to several specific variables, including highways, bridges, tunnels, Ports and specific townships, Cities and Counties. The demographic itself a buyer/tenant will be taken into serious consideration.

We have the resources to determine the market value and regularly update software with our online databases, as the market changes on a regular basis, along with our own contacts with attorneys performing closings and appraisers to determine the value for underwriting loans, which will allow us to keep you informed of the value of your property at any given time.


Marketing Strategies

In todays market there are many ways to present a property to an interested group, and with todays marketing strategies we are confident that the exposure will bring you a transaction you are looking for.

Over the years, we have created accessibility to over 3,000 Tenant/Buyers in our corporate database, we contact these prospects either through direct contact or our email blast program.

We also have access the two largest Commercial Real Estate databases in the industry allowing us to market properties on the internet to everyone looking on the internet including Buyers, Tenants, Investors, and other Brokers.

Your property will also be added to this website, the site itself is also marketed under banners ads and display ads and any key word searches relevant for commercial properties.

If your property is located in an area or near an area with traffic a sign always draws attention to local companies in the area.

All of these strategies have been very effective in marketing properties for our clients. They are all equally effective and beneficial to your interests.

These marketing strategies will allow us to present as many offers as possible and expose the highest and best offer for you. Our goal would be to present as many offers as possible for you to determine which is the best fit for your property.

We make sure every base is covered for your council to prepare an accurate Lease or Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Representing our clients goes beyond finding a Buyer/Tenant, we make sure the transaction proceeds in the right direction at all times for the parties best interest.

In most cases, finding a prospect whose interested is easy. Depending on your property and its conditions there is an enormous amount of items that a property may or may not be required from a legal prospective to protect the parties interest moving forward. Whatever the situation, we will calculate each projects required details and documents required for a smooth transaction and be apart of the transaction each day and maintain involvement for our client.

The Exclusive agreements we have prepared legally binds us to represent you and your interests until the lease or transfer of title has been fully executed.

We understand this process is an important key to your investment or future endeavors. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and working with you on any projects you may be interested in pursuing. If you would like to contact any one of the attached Testimonials from our prior clients we would be happy to get you in touch with them.

We know exactly what to do, from planning, evaluating, Marketing and Managing every component of the Transaction and would be happy to extend our services to you.

We would like to Thank you for this opportunity to represent you and promise to provide you with exceptional service in this Industry.

Thank you again for your time and courtesies

Best Regards,
Jason Marzano
Broker of Record