At PRE, we believe contacting a company who knows the industry and has access to the marketplace would be beneficial to anyone serious in finding a property for their business.

We understand this process is an important key to growing your business and keeping up with the demand of your clients. We are aware the decisions made in locating a property for your business will shape a future for your employees and families. Buyers and Tenants need a trusted guide in locating, scheduling, negotiating, making calculated decisions and minimize risk.

Buying and Leasing a property for your business is a complex and time-consuming process involving a major financial commitment. For most it is one of the single largest commitments they will make in their lifetime, besides their own home.

Under this agreement, we would be legally binding to owe you as the Client, knowledge, loyalty, accessibility, responsibility, accountability and confidentiality and it would be our duty and pleasure to represent you in all matters involving your transaction.

We have access to the current marketplace both on and off market properties, and between 20 years in the real Estate industry and over 60 years in the construction and development field, enables us to serve our clients in a way that is unsurpassed in the industry.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and working with you on any projects you may be interested in pursuing.

Thank you for your time and courtesies

Best Regards,
Jason Marzano, Director

Our Buyer/Tenant Commitment

Because we are committed to helping you, we will:

  • Provide properties on and off the Market
  • Obtain a detailed list of your requirements, use, occupancy, time frame and any pertinent information that will help us locate a suitable property.
  • Provide you a list of qualified 3rd parties in the industrial area you require, ie attorney at Law, Environmental consultants, any and all subcontracting services in their field, Lenders, and Site work operations
  • Schedule walkthroughs of properties that are of interest
  • Prepare studies of property values in chosen areas
  • Perform a market analysis on chosen properties
  • See that you get a complete estimates of any costs associated with the properties
  • Advise on offers on properties prior to sending and responses from the Owners
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • See all due diligence through the process
  • Make certain all parties meet eye to eye through the process
  • Keep in touch with attorney’ s during the Lease/Contract stage
  • Inquire the assistance of other brokers and local agents in the field to locate property suitable for you.
  • Respond to other Brokers and Agents, whom have been contacting you for property available and determine if their facility/property is suitable for you.
  • Stay in touch with you regular basis keeping you up to date, until the day you move in Coordinate all aspects of the sale or closing

Because we are committed to Reasonable Care, we will:

  • Keep you aware of changes in the real estate market
  • Check applicable zoning and building restrictions associated with your use
  • Disclose all known facts about properties I show you
  • Collect pertinent data on values, taxes, utility costs, etc.
  • Point out strengths and weaknesses of all properties you choose to view

Because we are committed to confidentiality, we will

  • Keep your personal information confidential at all times
  • Keep your negotiating position confidential