Mr. Goldman focuses his interests and expertise on representing Owners within the multi family Investment sales and development industry in both Essex and Bergen Counties Counties.

He focuses on these two counties to be an expert in his area. He is an advisor and a property manager, capable of evaluating an asset, determining its value, creating value add potential and presenting it to the marketplace. He maintains his clients transactions and honors his duty to his Clients by giving them the ability to make informed real estate decisions. He is very honest and transparent and represents his clients with pride. He is always reviewing value-add opportunities and determining if they are suitable.

“The numbers need to make sense and/or have the potential for a value add, I love working with numbers for my Clients”

He is fully capable of managing developments projects, Seeking the right opportunity to present to Investors and Developers. He is experienced in underwriting development projects and determining its value potential based on land and zoning ordinance requirements, coordinating governments and professional guidance required for each project is different, working closely with the development Team, land use council and to see the project through for Clients.

He is a credible asset to our Team and is proud to extend his services to you.

(845) 274-7451