Daniel Stella
Executive Associate, Middlesex and Monmouth Industrial Investment Sales
Professional Experience

Daniel received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Fairleigh Dickinson University, already knowing his path in the management field and the Commercial Real Estate Industry. He continued to expand his knowledge and experience in the fields of human resources, production and internal auditing for UBS and PERI Form Works.

With his prior experiences in finance and auditing fields, He has the knowledge and education required to provide our clients with the most updated and current values in the market place. In addition, analyzing the future market, enables him to better negotiate leasing and sales for those clients. Dan will be an asset for anyone looking for a property or an owner looking to sell or lease their asset. Daniel has become a keen observer to detail and how businesses adapt in the current and future market. We are proud to add him to our team as another key asset and expect great things from him.

Daniel Stella is on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.