John Marzano
Principal / Salesperson
Professional Experience

As the Founder and President of PRE, John began his construction career in the 60s, working with his Dad on various construction projects, acquisition of value add properties and development sights. With his experience in these fields and Developing properties that their clients acquired. Mr. Marzano forsaw the Commercial Real Estate Industry would benefit his clients even more. By providing a core service firm that meets all of our clients needs, between representing his clients in the Real estate transaction itself to planning the development, financing resources, the environmental process, and the Development itself.

John has proven to be the most knowledgeable and experienced out of anyone in CRE industry. He has managed and developed over 1 million sq ft of warehousing, coordinated joint ventures, closed corporate and real estate transactions everywhere, formed partnerships and structured his own Ventures. He would be a great benefit at the very least to ask his advice on any venture or transaction you are looking for from your asset.