Nicole Cruz
Executive Associate, Multifamily Investment Sales
Professional Experience

Nicole is a Newark, NJ native with a deep-rooted passion for the Real Estate industry. She has dedicated herself to the world of development, specifically focusing on ground-up projects and construction in the Commercial Real Estate sector. Growing up in an inner-city environment where financial prosperity often felt out of reach, She recognized the need to be a catalyst for positive change, especially for future generations. Majoring in Finance and Real Estate at Monmouth University Kislak Real Estate Institute and served as the President of the Real Estate club. Education served as her pathway to a brighter future, and through various internships, she has gained valuable expertise in land acquisition, underwriting, and the intricate process of land entitlements.

Nicole’s journey has led to managing a private family office fund, spearheading a marketing team for a commercial construction company, and successfully overseeing multiple ground-up development projects. In the past year alone, She has facilitated over $8M in commercial sales. Recently, taking a significant step of affiliating herself with a brokerage, a decision she regarded with humility and gratitude, as it opens up new possibilities in her career and adapt to the changing markets.

These past three years have been truly transformative for both her professional and personal growth. Becoming a mother has instilled in her an unparalleled motivation to succeed. Leaving a legacy for her son is a top priority, inspiring him to realize that with hard work, determination, and unwavering faith in God, he can achieve anything. She cherishes the opportunities life has presented and pledges to make the most of her talents, never taking them for granted.

We are honored to announce Nicole as the Director of Development and Urban Essex Investments sales at PRE Real Estate Services.