Robert Thelen
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Professional Experience

Robert Thelen, a successful business executive for over twenty-five (25+) years. He has been involved in Real Estate, Mortgage, Securities and Commodities Industry. He has trained numerous groups in these industries.

Robert was with Warner Communications Inc. for ten years as a Vice President of the Department of Taxation. He also owns many real estate holdings, some of which have been liquidated. Robert is spending most of his efforts and energy towards investing on Wall Street in Securities and Commodities and Commercial Real Estate.

Some of his past experience includes the appraisal and the sale of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania and Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. These are two very large industrial complexes surrounding the General Pittsburgh area. He also has vast experience along the Chicago river, buying and selling iron ore and other various scrap metal products.

Robert has earned a BA degree in Economics and Literature from New York University. Robert also attended the University of Wisconsin for two years.

Robert was the past President of the Pennsylvania Diamond Dealers Association. He was a Board Member of a Commercial Bank (Federally Chartered). Robert is a Member of the NYMEX, COMEX and the New York Board of Trade (now the Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.)

Robert is married. In his past time, Robert enjoys writing, playing chess and classical music.