Tenant Representation

Need a commercial space for your company? Tenant representation brokers know exactly what type of commercial property will help your business thrive, in addition to ensuring that you get the best terms for your real estate investment as possible. By aligning yourself with tenant representation, you can prevent many of the pitfalls that come with property selection and the negotiation process. If you’re short on time, money and industry knowledge, the tenant representation brokers at PRE Commercial will find exactly what you need in Essex County and anywhere in New Jersey—on your terms only.

What is Tenant Representation?

A tenant representation broker is there to represent any tenant who is looking to lease a commercial property. A company or business may choose to bring on tenant representation to facilitate the leasing process on their behalf. These brokers have a firm understanding of the current market conditions, demographics and trends in real estate. A tenant rep can assist in the leasing transaction from start to finish. This includes accessing the tenant’s needs, finding the right properties within the right budget and location, handling the landlord negotiation process, closing the deal, in addition to representing the tenant during occupancy. Tenant reps are required to act solely in their client’s best interest rather than being tied to the lessor or landlord. This ensures that the chosen commercial environment will benefit the tenant’s business operations. In other words, the tenant is the number one priority.

Why Tenant Representation Is Important in Commercial Real Estate?

In today’s commercial real estate landscape, pursuing a new lease or negotiating a renewal is something no tenant should go through alone. Having a tenant representation broker immediately gives your company more authority and leverage when dealing with landlords. Oftentimes, commercial leases can be complicated and contain jargon that only real estate professionals can decode. A tenant representation broker can help you avoid costly mistakes and clarify terms meant to confuse you. You’ll also have access to a greater amount of potential locations to choose from and receive objective comparisons so you can weigh the pros and cons of each before making your decision.

Do I Need Tenant Representation?

Whether you’re renting warehouse space or looking to relocate your office, there are many advantages to having a tenant representation broker represent you.


Tenant reps are experts on the local commercial market and have access to a greater amount of listings. They’re also privy to market information rarely known to the public.

Help With

Navigating the leasing process is no easy feat.
A tenant representative serves as a reliable
and trusted partner that will keep you from overpaying or being
taken advantage of.

Zero Conflicts
of Interest

Commercial tenant representatives have a fiduciary responsibility to represent the best interests of your company and there are no out-of-pocket costs
to use their services.

Simplify the Real
Estate Process

A good tenant rep will handle everything from needs assessments to
the final lease summary, while allowing you to remain hands off if you choose to be.

Need Help Leasing or Selling
Your Industrial Property?

PRE is backed by vast experience in the commercial real estate industry. We keep an eye on “big picture” trends while remaining local, Essex County experts. We invite clients to take advantage of our decades of experience, relationships, and service to capitalize on trends in the real estate industry. Our firm has a history of success when partnering with clients in industrial real estate endeavors, and we anticipate that this success will only grow. We look forward to partnering with you on your next endeavor.