Warehouse Sales and Leasing

Over the past decade, many traditional retailers have seen a decline in profitability, in tandem with the astronomical rise of online retailers. This explosion of e-commerce has changed the nature of retail logistics and distribution. Warehouse space is more important than ever for the efficiency of the modern economy, and owners of warehouses have seen their property values skyrocket. Even with the effects of the pandemic, warehouse storage and distribution only grew in importance, as Americans see essential items delivered to their homes. Now more than ever is the time for New Jersey warehouse owners to capitalize.

What is Warehouse Leasing/Sales?

When it comes to commercial real estate, industrial land is an extremely broad – and profitable – category. Of course, there are many types of industrial properties. Commercial warehouse space is only one type, but one which has seen an explosion in profitability over the past few years. Owners of warehouse properties can have a variety of tenants, but generally, they tend to be logistics or distribution companies.

By leasing or selling warehouse space, owners of this category of industrial property can take advantage of the boom in warehouse prices facilitated, in large part, by the continued growth of e-commerce and internet sales. While upfront costs of purchasing warehouse space may be high, leasing often offers a high return on investment with lower maintenance costs than other types of commercial real estate.With Essex County’s close proximity to the country’s largest metropolis, warehouse space is in high demand, presenting an alluring opportunity to owners.

How Does Leasing and Selling Warehouse Space Work?

Owners of commercial warehouse space, as with any other form of commercial real estate, can lease their property to tenants or sell it to buyers outright. When it comes to leasing, these tenants are generally logistics or distribution companies. Because of the complications of shifting logistics operations from one location to another, tenants of warehouse spaces tend to sign longer leases when compared to other types of commercial real estate. This is particularly good for owners, as it means that vacancies are less common—to the benefit of the owners’ bottom line. With the continued increase of e-commerce causing high demand for storage and distribution space, warehouse space is becoming a more and more valuable asset for real estate investors.

Why Let PRE Lease or Sell Your
Warehouse Space Property?

The rise in e-commerce has greatly expanded the need for warehouse space in order to facilitate the distribution of goods to consumers across the country. PRE partners with clients looking to lease or sell warehouse space, ensuring the fulfillment of each client’s individual goals.


PRE’s local expertise and vast experience gives clients full access to our wide array of relationships within the Essex County, NJ real estate market


PRE fully collaborates with clients, ensuring maximum profitability for your warehouse space, whether you are looking to sell or
lease your property.


The value of warehouse spaces only continues to grow. PRE’s ability to market and advertise your property allows clients to take full advantage of the changes in today’s real estate market.


We consider it a privilege to put client interest first. The PRE team communicates with the public market on your behalf, partnering you with the best possible buyers and tenants.

Need Help Leasing or Selling
Warehouse Space?

PRE helps deliver clients the best possible results. As demand for warehouse space continues to grow over the next decade, property owners need honest, experienced partners to ensure maximum profitability. This is where PRE comes in. With decades of experience partnering with clients in industrial real estate, we are able to oversee all necessary aspects of a client’s property to achieve success. As experts in Essex County industrial real estate, PRE would be honored to meet with you and discuss your needs.